Artist Spotlight: Grabiel Ruiz

Human Head
08 / 01 / 18
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Human Head Studios has many wonderful artists, whose work can be appreciated in our games. They make a lot of amazing art outside of work too, which we’re excited to show you in our Artist Spotlight series!

This time, we’d like to introduce you to Grabiel Ruiz. He’s been at the studios for 10 years now, and takes his nerf gun wars as seriously as his art.

He’s a fan of the show Game of Thrones, specifically the character Jon Snow. To commemorate this character, Grabiel and fellow Human Head Senior Artist Karen Ruiz 3D modeled a “chibi” style version of him in Z-Brush. With their powers combined, the model was sculpted in one night!

They experimented with different poses, but they ultimately settled on Jon holding his sword in preparation for battle.

Here’s a closer look at their final 3D model:

Looking good! Once the 3D model was complete, it was time to 3D print it. Grabiel had to learn how to modify his 3D model to a format that would be compatible with resin printing. The model needed to be hollowed out before it could be printed. He used AnyCubic’s slicing program to make sure that the model would construct properly. After doing some additional research, he settled on the DLP AnyCubic 3D printer to do the job. He chose a cured liquid-resin based material, which the printer would harden into the shape required.  The model took about 3.5 hours to print fully.

Once it was finished, Grabe cured the model by placing it in the sun. Once it hardened, he primed it and airbrushed all major areas with acrylic paints that were watered down with Windex. The use of Windex was a tip he found on the internet to make the paint stick to the model better – it worked! Details were added by hand with small brushes.

Overall, the model was created in a few nights. If he could change anything about the final product, Grabiel wishes that he had waited until after the curing process to cut off the supports – because he cut them too early, it required a lot of sanding in order to remove the supports. Fully assembled and painted, Grabiel gave the model to another one of his good friends at Human Head. Time well spent!

Jon Snow may know nothing, but Grabiel knows how to make a pretty adorable figurine.

For more of Grabiel’s work, you can head over to his Artstation. He has a portfolio of in-game props, enemy concepts, and more! If you’re on the hunt for more artwork by the Human Head team, don’t forget to check out our other Artist Spotlights on Brian Pelletier, Joe Reedy, Chris Miscik, and Nick Choles.