Artist Spotlight: Chris Miscik

Katherine Stull
03 / 07 / 18
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There are a lot of talented artists working at Human Head Studios, and it’s always exciting to see what they’re working on in their free time. We’ve had the opportunity to showcase Joe Reedy’s terrifying Spaceworm, so this time we’re switching from fierce creatures to fierce warriors.

You may know studio artist Chris Miscik from his work on Rune Classic, Prey, Lost Within, Defiance, Just Cause, World of Tanks and so much more. Here’s a piece from his personal portfolio:

“My goal with this piece was to oppose the typical female fantasy armor with something more grounded in reality. I’ve always had a thing for badass women (I was raised by one,) and I really wanted that to come through in every aspect of her costume and features. To contrast that, I gave her piercing, emotional eyes. I imagine her watching her village burn in the distance while being sacked by raiders. She’s pissed, but she’s ready. This isn’t her first rodeo.”

We certainly wouldn’t want to get in her way!

For more of Chris Miscik’s work, you can visit his Instagram. Keep an eye on the Human Head Instagram for more spotlights and advice from our studio artists!