Vikings & Ancestors: A Summer of Battles

Human Head
07 / 16 / 18
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Summer is always an important time for the games industry. Huge conventions and a plethora of sales events scatter the warmer months. Human Head has also enjoyed an exciting summer so far, as two of our titles moved into the next step of development.


Rune took its brutal Viking combat on the road, as several members of the team attended E3 in Los Angeles! While there, they conducted interviews with press and demoed the game at the Indie Heaven event hosted by Good Shepherd. PC Gamer stopped by and enjoyed the wide selection of weapons they could use to conquer Midgard. We also caught up with our friends at Epic Games to discuss development using Unreal Engine 4.

Rune also moved into Closed Beta, which gave even more players access to the game. By participating in the playtests en masse, the community unlocked two new islands that debuted in the July 7th playtest. Sign up for the Rune Newsletter for a chance to join the next raid.

Get ready Vikings, because Rune will enter Early Access for Windows on Steam later this year.

Survived By

While brave warriors were fighting to protect Midgard, excitement rang through the Heartlands! On June 20, the NDA was lifted on Survived By and thousands of new players joined our servers – everyone who registered before the NDA lift was given Closed Alpha access.

Removing the NDA also meant that, for the first time, Survived By could be livestreamed. Community Manager Katherine Stull has since hosted three Developer Streams where she interacts with fans and joins them for dangerous dungeon crawls. You can catch up on previous broadcasts and tune in for future ones here.

Survived By also debuted Heartland Horrors; a gruesome, community-sourced creature creator. Ancestors were asked to submit their favorite Survived By creature mash-ups, then the community voted for their favorite. The winning Horrors, like this intimidating Boreowl Shaman, will be featured during special in-game events. For more details, check out the Survived By forums.

Are you eager to slay some baddies? Survived By is still looking for Closed Alpha Testers! Register here for a chance to play

Keep up with everything happening in the Heartlands by following Survived By on Facebook and Twitter. For more Viking content, follow Rune on social media and join the forums.