Human Head’s Trip to TennoCon 2018

Katherine Stull
07 / 11 / 18
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This weekend, Marketing Director Kat Shanahan and I were invited by our partners at Digital Extremes to attend TennoCon!

TennoCon is a convention hosted by the developers of Warframe to celebrate all things related to the game – cosplay, streaming, art, and everything in-between. Thousands of excited Warframe fans (or “Tenno”) lined up at the London Convention Center in London, Ontario to meet the people who brought them one of their favorite games. There were meet-and-greets with the developers, panels, and plenty of Warframe-themed activities.

Over the course of the convention, I spoke to Tenno who had travelled from across the globe to meet up with their fellow community members, claim some exclusive Warframe merch, and grab selfies with the developers they admired. There was such a strong sense of community that individuals who had bonded over Warframe (but never met in person) greeted each other as old friends.

As the day neared its end, the air was buzzing with excitement – the eager Tenno awaited the much-anticipated Tenno Live, a live-broadcast show in which new Warframe content would be unveiled. Thousands of fans gathered in one of the main expo halls, surrounded by larger-than-life Warframe statues and drenched in moody blue lighting. Cheers erupted as Digital Extremes announced Warframe’s Nintendo Switch port, three upcoming expansions (including an action-packed gameplay demo and an extremely catchy new song,) and a new line of cosmetic items. I hadn’t experienced energy like that outside of a Wisconsin sporting event.

As visiting developers from Human Head Studios, the success of the event was nothing short of inspiring. Human Head is partnered with Digital Extremes to create Survived By, a rogue-lite MMORPG with permadeath. Our game is still in relative infancy, as Warframe has been building their passionate community for over five years, but our minds were buzzing with ways that we could one day aspire to match Warframe’s level of success. Survived By has a growing community full of passionate players, and we can’t wait to see where the future takes us.

To our partners at Digital Extremes, we thank you for the warm Canadian welcome: from the studio tour to securing a place at the VIP TennoCon brunch, we felt like we were truly a part of the Warframe community.

If you’re a fan of Warframe and want to catch up on the events of Tenno Live 2018, you can tune into their recording here.

If you’d like to join the Survived By Alpha and help us build our passionate community from the ground up, register here!