Human Head Studios Easter Eggs

Katherine Stull
04 / 04 / 18
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Did you celebrate Easter this weekend with an Easter egg hunt? In celebration of the holiday, the studio has rounded up another kind of Easter egg hunt – this one takes place within our games.

In video games, Easter eggs are defined as “an intentional inside joke, hidden message or image, or secret feature of a work.” We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Human Head Studios easter eggs to share. (Warning: spoilers ahead!)


A familiar logo on the casino’s playing cards.

In the beginning of Prey, Tommy enters a bar/casino. On his right are a set of slot and blackjack machines. If you look carefully, you’ll see a familiar logo on the back of the machine’s playing cards!

A secret looping portal.

Once you finish the battle during the final visit to the Land of the Ancients, a portal appears. If you don’t enter the portal and wait a while, a second portal will open, revealing a looping bonus area.


Dead man’s Hand:

The hotel’s silly audio skit.

Early in the game, when you’ve entered the large hotel via second-story access, head to the top of the stairs. If you sit and listen, there’s an entire audio skit that was cobbled together using only the existing Human Head Studios voice-over library.

A deadly watermelon shooting gallery.

In the nighttime desert level, there are dwellings built into the cliff-wall with three watermelons placed in the distance. They are only visible with a scoped weapon – shoot all three watermelons and you’ll be teleported to a live shooting gallery with guys running around.


Rune Classic:

Hel’s ‘Freak Show.’

After fighting the waves of enemies in Hel’s domain, don’t exit via the elevator – wait in the arena. Eventually, a few miniature creatures will appear and battle each other!


Lost Within:

Madison, WI graffiti:

If you look carefully, you’ll find the Madison, WI (608) area code graffiti tagged on the asylum walls.


Crouching Dragon, Hidden Lizard

The game may not be out yet, but there are hidden lizards in our Rune Announce trailer and our 360° screenshot on facebook. Can you find them?


We’ve given away many of our secrets, but there are more to be uncovered… do you have any Human Head Easter eggs you’d like to share?
Let us know in the comments!