Human Head Studios at E3 2017

Human Head
06 / 21 / 17
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Another Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has come and gone. I’ve lost track of how many E3 conventions I’ve attended. North of ten, I’m sure, but certainly not as many as our agent who informed me that this was his 20th event.

Typically E3 is loud and busy. Often Human Head has a game to announce or demo, so we spend most of the time in the middle of the convention, showing off the game and talking to media. It’s exciting and exhausting. E3 is also a great opportunity to meet with publishers. We typically arrive with a portfolio of game pitches and videos intending to land our next project. Consequently, the event is a whirlwind of meetings and demos and meetings and demos. Sometimes there’s sleep in there.

This E3 was different. Still a whirlwind, but much more manageable. While Human Head is working on multiple exciting new projects, all are unannounced, so we didn’t have anything to show publicly. And, since our project dance card is currently full, we aren’t signing new projects. But, we’re looking ahead to new projects down the road. Obviously I can’t reveal the details of those meetings (even if you offer to buy me a beer,) but they all went very well. It was great to catch up on current projects with our partners and there are some exciting possibilities for the future.

That said, I haven’t talked about the E3 show itself. Fun Fact: I never set foot on the convention floor and spent most of the time in nearby hotel lobbies in business meetings. Not-So-Fun Fact: Nearly everyone I talked to said that the show floor was packed and it was a nightmare to get around. That’s not much of a surprise considering that was the largest E3 ever, at around 68,000 attendees. I remember going when the were “only” 40,000 people there and it was a constant traffic jam of humans.

I know — this blog update doesn’t contain a ton of detail about what Human Head is actually doing. That’s due to NDAs and unannounced projects. Rest assured that soon enough the projects we’re working on will be announced. I can’t wait to share with you all what we’re creating. It’s truly exciting times.

Hopefully next year there will be more public details about our projects and maybe there will even be some of them on display at E3! I, for one, am looking forward to meetings and demos and meetings and demos…