Head Count: Paul Reynolds

Human Head
06 / 25 / 18
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Paul Reynolds is a senior artist at Human Head Studios. Paul grew up on a horse farm in a small town outside of Green Bay called New Franken, Wisconsin. Although art came naturally to him (he used to complete his friend’s drawing assignments in high school), he never considered himself an artist. After high school, Paul joined the army and was stationed in Germany. When he returned from duty, Paul did construction until he decided to put his hidden talents to work. He graduated from the Chicago Art Institute and landed his first art gig sculpting pieces for pinball and redemption games. Since then, Paul has worked jobs from designing arcade games to prototyping stock cars. Paul came to work for Human Head during Prey’s development as an environmental artist, and fell in love with creating worlds and atmospheres. After 14 years with Human Head, Paul considers the studio a home away from home. Currently, Paul is leading a team of artists providing multiplayer maps to Call of Duty Online. When he isn’t working, Paul enjoys spending time with his family and sculpting fantastic monsters.

Advice for Aspiring Artists
“Less is more sometimes.”

Three Games that Everyone Should Play
1. Original Lawn Jarts
2. Rune
3. Super Metroid