Head Count: Nick Choles

James Arbaje
05 / 14 / 18
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Nick Choles is a senior concept artist from Madison, Wisconsin. Nick has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember. Comic books, the 60’s Batman TV series, and Friday night reruns of the old Tarzan films and Flash Gordon movie serials were especially influential in his early days. As Nick grew with his art, he developed many different styles ranging from cartoon to realism, always leaning toward a heavy narrative influence. After graduating from Madison College (then MATC) with a degree in Commercial Art, Nick, eager to improve his skills further, attended the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and received a degree in Fine Art with a major in painting and a minor in drawing. Since then, Nick has worked for Marvel and DC Comics, Midway Games, Raven Software, and more. Nick enjoys the games industry because it allows him to continue to tell stories through his art. Currently, Nick is creating concepts and in-game assets for Rune. He says working within the Viking world of Rune has been a perfect fit, as he spent his youth devouring the original Conan stories and the brilliant fantasy works of Frank Frazetta. Nick’s favorite things about Human Head are the amazingly collaborative environment and wonderful people. Outside of work, Nick likes to spend time with his family and make more art.

Advice for Aspiring Artists:
“Be resilient to change. You will have to learn new programs and engines constantly so you need to be adaptable. Be curious about the world around you, be willing to evolve, and keep pushing for what you want to see yourself accomplish.”

Three Games that Everyone Should Play:
1. Uncharted 2 (or really, anything with the “Uncharted” name attached)
2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
3. NFL Blitz 4-Player Arcade Cabinet