Head Count: Matthew Christian

Human Head
06 / 11 / 18
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Matthew Christian is a game programmer and designer from Wausau, Wisconsin. Matt’s passion for gaming began at the age of five. Games like the Silent Hill series were especially inspiring. His love for playing games transitioned into developing when he programmed his first Windows form game in high school. Since then, Matt has participated in countless game jams and shipped several indie titles. Currently, Matt is working on Human Head Studios’ free-to-play MMO, Survived By, as a gameplay programmer. Matt is motivated by the creative atmosphere of the studio, and he appreciates the team’s supportive energy. Outside of the office, you’ll likely find Matt playing video games, guitar, or drums.

Advice for Aspiring Developers
“Be passionate and stay motivated. Keep sharpening your skills by creating crazy games and taking part in plenty of game jams. Most importantly: have fun!”

Three Games that Everyone Should Play
1. Alan Wake
2. Silent Hill 2
3. BioShock Infinite