Head Count: Joe Reedy

Human Head
06 / 04 / 18
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Joe Reedy is a veteran artist at Human Head Studios. He enjoys the games industry because it constantly challenges him to learn and grow in new ways. As a member of the studio, Joe has worked on almost every aspect of game art imaginable, including concepts, models, lighting, animatics, and more. Joe’s early days were spent reading comics and watching cartoons in between farm chores. The art in comics like X-Men inspired him to learn how to draw and paint. On special occasions, he would play the NES at his uncle’s house, and especially liked Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. With twelve years at Human Head under his belt, Joe appreciates the ever-changing projects and possibilities – he says if you’re ever bored in the studio, just wait ten minutes because you’ll be on to a new task. When he isn’t drawing intergalactic creatures, Joe likes to play drums in his band, kayak, and pet all of the doggos.

Advice for Aspiring Artists
“‘Find balance because this industry can burn you out. Have hobbies, keep relationships, and maintain yourself.”

Three Games that Everyone Should Play
1. God of War
2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
3. Tomb Raider