Head Count: Jason Glenn

James Arbaje
02 / 12 / 18
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Jason Glenn is a level designer at Human Head Studios. A gamer all his life, Jason’s passion for design was sparked by the fantastic worlds of games like World of Warcraft and City of Heroes. He began his journey as a developer at Southern Methodist University through their graduate game design program, the Guildhall, after a stint as a medic in the military. He then worked as a QA tester for several companies including Treyarch and Disney Interactive before finding work in level design, and eventually coming to Madison by way of Los Angeles. Jason appreciates the unique work environment, the people, and the weekly board game lunches Human Head offers. He also enjoys living somewhere with all four seasons for his first time. When he isn’t arranging assets or implementing combat, Jason likes to play games and work on indie projects.


Advice for Aspiring Level Designers

“Just go out and make a game, there’s no magic bullet. Try it and keep working at it. It’s also important to differentiate yourself. Supplement your main focus of level design with other skills like art or programming – but make sure it’s something you still enjoy, or you won’t get good at it.”


Three Games that Everyone Should Play

  1. Persona 5
  2. This War of Mine
  3. Stardew Valley