Head Count: Curtis Zuehls

James Arbaje
04 / 09 / 18
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Curtis Zuehls is a scripter and designer from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Curtis’s love for game design stems from his high school days playing around in
GameMaker during computer class. This led to modding Halo 2 with DotHalo, and familiarizing himself with the Gears of War editor and Unreal Engine. His first position in the games industry was interning for Frozen Codebase as a quality assurance tester, which eventually turned into a design role. After a stint in the automotive industry, Curtis worked as a quality assurance tester for Raven Software, and as a quality assurance analyst for Epic Games. Curtis enjoys the games industry because he is constantly learning and expanding his skillset. His favorite part of Human Head Studios is the welcoming environment that gives everyone a voice, regardless of their position. In his freetime, Curtis enjoys working with cars and computers, fishing, and skateboarding.


Advice for Aspiring Game Developers:

“Don’t be afraid to fail, don’t be paralyzed by fear”


Three Games that Everyone Should Play:

  1. Halo 3
  2. Gears of War
  3. Magic: The Gathering