Head Count: Clem Samuel

James Arbaje
03 / 12 / 18
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Clem Samuel wears many hats as one of Human Head Studios’ senior designers. One aspect he loves about game design is the variety which allows for constant learning. As a designer, Clem shapes the user experience and strives to push the boundaries of what a game can accomplish. He has experience with nearly every facet of game development, and enjoys turning an abstract idea into a unique, interactive experience. His first big gig in the industry was interning for Raven Software, which quickly evolved into a full time design position where he had a hand in games like Wolfenstein, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, and X-Men Legends I & II among others. Clem has also worked extensively with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Games Learning Society creating and consulting for a wide range of academic titles. His favorite parts about Human Head are the opportunities to develop his skills and knowledge as a designer and the diverse challenges he’s able to work through with our team. Outside of the office, Clem enjoys playing games and spending time with family and friends.


Advice for Aspiring Game Designers:

“Go out and do it in any way available. Mess with game editors or dive into whatever tools you can get your hands on. Then, network and surround yourself with people who share similar interests.”


Three Games that Everyone Should Play:

  1. Fair Play
  2. Team Fortress
  3. Company of Heroes