Head Count: Alex Larioza

Human Head
07 / 03 / 17
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Alex Larioza is a juggler (and a programmer) here at Human Head Studios. Alex’s first venture into gaming was playing Toejam and Earl on the Sega Genesis. At 16, he began making his own games in GameMaker. He decided to turn his passion into a career when he attended university for Game Simulation and Programming, simultaneously developing for BulletProof Arcade. Shortly after graduation, Alex became a Game Engineer at Filament Games before coming to work with us at Human Head. His favorite part of working in the gaming industry is the challenge of solving complex, dynamic problems. When he’s not working on projects he’s excited about at Human Head, you’ll find Alex rock climbing, hiking, or playing video games.

Advice for Aspiring Programmers:

“Start making games now! I’ve talked with too many people who want to create games but haven’t even attempted to make any. There are tons of tools and resources available online, so there’s no excuse! I’d recommend getting started in PICO-8 and then moving on to larger projects in Unity. Even if your idea about cats fighting hamburgers from space turns out to be a bad idea – just remember you’re learning with each failure, and that’s what counts.”

Three Games that Everyone Should Play:

“My game recommendations change like the weather, however I’m typically drawn to rogue-likes and huge sandbox/simulation games. My latest obsessions are:

1. Caves Of Qud

2. SteamWorld Heist

3. Stellaris