Head Count: Alex Colgan

Human Head
05 / 07 / 18
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Even before Alex Colgan learned how to animate, he knew that a future in the games industry was his calling. Alex and his brother used video games and music as their creative outlets growing up. After initially messing around with MS Paint and Gif Movie Maker, Alex transitioned to Adobe Flash (now Adobe Animate.) Flash combined the best features of both programs and allowed him to add sounds and music to his animations. During grade school and high school, Alex uploaded his animations to Newgrounds and spent a lot of time designing characters and imagining worlds in RPG Maker. After high school, Alex attended a local community college in Lynchburg, Virginia. After graduation, he made the leap to pursue animation at Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. His first job in the industry was animating for Kiz Studios, working on mostly mobile games. Ready to leave the south, Alex was excited to come to Madison when given the opportunity. Alex’s favorite part about working for Human Head Studios is how much everyone cares about their craft, which pushes him to do his best everyday. When he isn’t working with motion capture or bringing dragons to life, Alex likes to make music, practice jujitsu, and play ping pong after work.

Advice for Aspiring Animators:

“Animators should focus on self-expression and character acting, but if you want to get into games, have at least some experience dealing with motion capture. It doesn’t have to be your entire demo reel, but it should be represented.”

Three Games that Everyone Should Play:

  1. Deus Ex
  2. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines
  3. E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy