Happy Valentine’s Day Madlib Contest

Katherine Stull
02 / 14 / 18
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From all of us at Human Head Studios, we wish you an (adjective) Valentines day full of (noun) and (noun).

In celebration, we’re offering up this mad-lib for you to complete with your valentine. Share your results with us by February 16th at 12:00AM CST and the studio will vote on our favorite.
The winner will receive a signed Rune poster.

Keep the language clean, please!

The (adjective) Viking warrior Ragnar knew that Valentine’s Day was fast-approaching, and he needed to find a gift for his beloved (noun.) He prayed to (Norse deity) for ideas, but there was no answer. He paced back and forth for (number) hours, fretting that he would have nothing to show his (affectionate term). It wasn’t until the sun was setting over the (noun) and his stomach began to grumble that inspiration struck. He would get his (adjective) (noun) a gift-wrapped box of lizards! Picking up his mighty (weapon type,) he burst out of his (building structure) in search of the (adjective) reptiles. Fighting the temptation to devour them, Ragnar delicately placed each lizard inside a heart-shaped (noun.) With his work complete, he hid the box under the (furniture type) next to a bouquet of (plural plant type.) Valentine’s Day was saved!

For more Valentine’s Day goodies, head over to to the Rune: Ragnarok Facebook page.