Technical Artist

Assist the Art Director as the driving force for troubleshooting and providing technical support for the art department across multiple projects. Work with a team of talented artists and engineers to achieve cutting edge visual goals within technological limitations at the highest level of performance. Collaborate with fellow artists, designers, and engineers on developing brand-defining visuals for projects and the means to achieve them.

This position requires strong creative/visual aesthetics and technical knowledge of content creation, an acute ability to think outside the box, and a passion to research subject matter when problem-solving complex, well-defined visual goals.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Rendering Support: Collaborate with art direction and engineering to enhance rendering, lighting, and post-processing, support artistic and creative vision, and improve performance.
  • Material Creation: Create material-based solutions for all requisite content: characters (skin & hair,) environmental/prop assets, VFX, and anything requiring a novel and extensible approach to attaining a complex visual target.
  • Lighting Development and Support: Assist lighting artists to light game-play environments and in-game cinematics to final quality, using both lighting and post-process tools within UE4 technology.
  • Quality Assurance and Optimization: Use diagnostic tools to audit visual content, maintain consistency of art assets, identify ways to improve game performance and preserve fidelity.
  • R&D: Research and proactively investigate tools/software to enhance rendering and visual content quality. Work with art director and programming to improve efficiency of content creation/implementation pipelines.
  • Instruction: Provide demonstration and guidance for new tools, work flows and best practices to fellow developers. Document and maintain content guidelines, standards and work flows.


  • 5+ years of game development experience.
  • Extensive experience with latest Unreal and Unity technology - specifically UE4.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in Physically Based Rendering and lighting (PBR.)
  • Extensive experience with various workflows and software packages: Photoshop, Substance Designer and Painter, 3dsMax and/or Maya.
  • Max/Mel Scripting and HLSL (Shader) programming experience a plus.
  • Experience with creating particle-based VFX in Unity 5, or UE4 a plus.
  • Content creation experience a plus (Hi-poly/Low-poly modeling, textures, ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, etc.)
  • Experience with cloth/hair and destruction physics a plus (PhysX, Havoc, etc.)

Additional Skills and Interests

  • Experience with cloth/hair and destruction physics a plus (PhysX, Havoc, etc.)
  • Impassioned gamer, with experience in various genres and artistic styles.
  • Appreciation for visual arts, across various mediums.
  • Traditional art skills and art fundamentals a plus.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Passionate about what is next in computer-graphics/rendering and the development of CG content, specifically to gaming, but also across all visual entertainment.

Job Type: Full-Time


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