Career Spotlight: Game Designer

Human Head
06 / 27 / 18
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Game designers wear many hats as they work with the team to strive toward a universal vision of the game. Rune game designer Brad Fawaz is here to share the roles and responsibilities of his job in our latest Career Spotlight!

What does a game designer do?

Game designers must play a creative, social, and technical role on the team. It’s up to them to understand how different people play games and to design experiences that cater to each of them. Designers are also responsible for creating road maps for the game that they must execute on during development.

How can I become a game designer?

Expose yourself to as many games as you can and think about the rationale behind the developers’ choices – why was the game balanced to a certain difficulty? Why did they include certain features? Next, think about how you would improve the game and how you’d implement these changes. You can do this on paper or download a game editor tool and test it out. If you prototype something that you like, keep working in that direction.

It’s also a great idea to attend local game jams and connect with other people who are interested in making games. Completing a game with a group can help you determine whether or not a design role is right for you.

What skills are most important?

  • Adaptability with fluctuating creative and technical situations
  • The ability to second-guess your own work and evaluate what should be added or subtracted
  • Perceiving how others may experience the game and planning around that
  • Communication – you will work with many teams, so it’s important to be a gap-bridger
  • Problem-solving – this can be practiced by deconstructing games you love and analyzing them

What challenges do game designers face?

Game designers must be able to perceive, through all stages of design and development, how players will receive your work. Player expectations have evolved over time so it’s important that you have the foresight to adapt alongside them.

What’s the best part of working as game designer for a games studio?

There are so many components that go into making a game at a studio, it’s great to see how it comes together and to be able to influence so many of these moving parts. Working with a team on a project is both rewarding and fun.

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