20 Random Facts About Human Head Studios

Human Head
08 / 16 / 17
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Being in business for 20 years had lead to some interesting adventures. We asked our team members to come up with 20 random facts about Human Head Studios – and we’ll be the first to admit that some of these are very random. Remember to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch for contests, live streams, and giveaways this month.

PS – We’re less than two weeks away from a big announcement!

-Human Head is housed in an old train roundhouse. This wonderfully historic architectural landmark is a source of creative inspiration.

-In 2007, the warehouse behind our building burned down, burning 15 feet into our offices. Luckily no one was hurt and we didn’t lose any data.

-Because of the fires we have a very intense sprinkler system, and strict data backup policies.

-Over the last 20 years, Human Head has had six office spaces.

-We have in-house motion capture areas and a recording studio.

-Nerf Battles are known to break out unexpectedly.Human Head is 100% independently owned.

-The original six founders are all still with the company today.

-All owners are involved in the development of our games.

-We have a thriving community garden that’s available to all employees.

-The staff gets into heated, food-related debates. Examples include: Is a hotdog a sandwich? and Are Pop-Tarts considered ravioli?

-We have an in-house movie theater.We’ve worked on all 4 versions of the Unreal Engine.You’ll be fed more doughnuts and baked goods than you can feasibly eat in a day.

-Twilight Imperium games can last weeks (one turn a day during lunch) and involve Game of Thrones levels of scheming, manipulation, and bargaining.

-We have a digital gaming room in addition to a board game room.

-Our first E3 to promote Rune was in a trailer in a parking lot across the street from the conference. It worked!

-We once had a pen-and-paper division where we created board and card games, one of which won an Origins Award in 2003.

-Actor Lee Ernst did the voice work for Loki in Rune, The Keeper in Prey, and a mad psychiatrist in Lost Within. He’s extremely talented and has had a role in nearly every one of our games.

-The Prey Release Party was held in a 90-year-old Vaudeville Theater and included a performance by Kid Beyond.

-The founder who created the Human Head Studios logo also created the Raven logo.